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GAS - Gujarat Achievement survey

GAS - Gujarat Achievement survey

Everyone knows the word 'Internet' today.  Everyone, whether children or older, knows how to use it well.  If seen in the true sense, today the Internet has become a reason for all of us to live.  The Internet has made many of our difficulties easier due to which we find every task very easy.

 100 years ago no one would have thought that human beings would create something by themselves, which would make all the information of the world very easily in one place and almost all the countries of the world would be connected.

 Internet has become very important in our life today.  In today's time the Internet has become the largest and most popular network in the world.  The Internet is also considered the invention of modern and high-tech science.  All the networks around the world are connected to the Internet, in this way we can also call it a network of networks.
 Meaning of internet

 Internet is the world's most powerful and largest network bringing revolution in the field of IT.  It is also abbreviated as NET because the Internet is a network of many interconnected computers that deal with millions of computers all over the world via satellites, only fiber systems, LAN, and VAN systems and telephones.  And connects subnetworks.

 In other words, the process of interconnecting two or several computers together through the TCP / IP protocol to share resources or exchange information is called Internet and their  The process of sharing is called computer networks.  There are many forms of computer networks, some of which are LAN, Internet and Intranet.
 History and invention of internet

 In earlier times when people did not have internet facility, they had to stay in the lines for many hours for many common tasks like taking railway tickets, depositing electricity bill and submitting applications.  A lot of devotees had to face the task.  But in modern times people can book tickets with just one click, as well as keep a soft copy in their mobile phone.

 Internet is not an innovation in itself.  Internet is a network made using telephone, computer and other technology in which information and technology are shared.

 In 1969, Tim Berners Lee invented the Internet.  It was first brought by the US Department of Defense in 1969 to send and receive secret data and information from the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network to various states of distant drawers.  Internet came into our India in the 1980s.

 In 1984, the company named Apple used the file folder and graphics in the computer for easy use of the Internet, due to which it is very easy to run the internet today. If Apple was not a company, then even today we would have to use the Internet by coding.

 After the development of computers, they felt the need for exchange of data and information stored in them and this experience has led to the development of various universities, government sponsored computer networks and Internet for research and education.  Gradually with the development of Internet, its advantages and importance started to appear in every field and this technology spread in the form of Internet revolution all over the world.
 In the Internet world, it is not necessary that a person travels to a place for hours traveling for their business or personal meeting.  In today's time, we can be a part of any business or private meeting only by staying in our place through video conference, calling, skype or other ways.

 In the early stage of internet, it used to speed up in KBPS, then slowly in MBPS and now in GBPS, its speed is very fast.  Serves to exchange.
 Internet connection level

 Surfing is the act of viewing the Internet and collecting information from it.  Although the way of surfing is not difficult, but software is required to enter the information on the Internet, but making software is quite a difficult task.
 Internet has its own world and there are three levels of connecting with this world.
 At the first level, the consumer can only view information or information on the Internet.
 At the second level, the consumer becomes a partial part of the Internet and apart from collecting information, he can also create his own website.
 At the third level, the consumer himself becomes the main part of the Internet system.

GAS - Gujarat Achievement survey


 Importance of internet

 (i) Large-scale paperwork and paperwork can be avoided by computerizing every data in metro, railways, business industries, shops, schools, colleges, educational institutions, NGOs, universities, offices (government and non-government),  Doing so will also increase transparency in works.
 (ii) Internet is the best gift given by science to man.  Internet is a means of endless possibilities.  Through the Internet, we can send any information, pictures, videos etc. from any corner of the world to any corner in a moment.  We can send and receive e-mail through the Internet.
 (iii) It is the easiest and cheapest means of sending and receiving messages.  Through internet, we can talk to our friends or relatives sitting in any corner of the world.  This is called Internet chatting, due to which Facebook and WhatsApp are becoming very famous.
 (iv) Through the Internet, we can promote our ideas and objects all over the world.  It is the simplest and effective medium of advertisement.
 (v) Through internet we can also do business and can also trade and sell our goods and services.  Its biggest tool is the website.
 (vi) Through internet, we can also put our bio data on internet for getting job or employment.
 (vii) Actually internet is a public facility and anyone can access it.  Today, the Internet has a huge contribution behind the success of humans.
 (viii) Through this, news can be known about the whole world from time to time.  It is very efficient and effective in accumulating a lot of information, no matter which subject it refers to, it will be available in a few seconds.
 (ix) It is very useful in education, travel, and business.  It has made easy access to online public library, textbooks, and allied subjects.
 Internet access

 (i) The reason for the success of Internet is its feature and utility.  Due to its ease and usefulness, it is used everywhere such as - workplace, schools, colleges, banks, educational institutions, training centers, shops, railway stations, airports, restaurants, malls etc.
 (ii) For different purposes by each of the members at each house.  As soon as we pay money to our internet service provider for its connection, from that time we can use it from any corner of the world for a week or more.  It depends on our internet plan.
 (iii) In today's cutting-edge scientific era, computer has become the main part of our life.  In the absence of this, today we cannot even imagine our life.  Today, we can send our message through the Internet wherever we want, sitting in our room or office.
 (iv) At present there is no such area of ​​the world where internet is not being used.  Internet is a repository of information, so here you will get all kinds of information like - space, weather, technology, medicine, employment, education, business, magazine, newspaper, news, literature, sports, current events, politics etc.  Information becomes available in
 (v) We use the Internet to send emails, videos, chatting, net surfing, bill collecting, booking tickets, shopping, selling and providing information, to search and provide jobs, to advertise  , To reach their customers directly, entertainment etc. to do all the work.
 (vi) Presently, education and games for children are also available on the internet.
 (vii) Internet has also played an important role in science.  With the help of the Internet, scientists have been able to connect with each other and carry out new inventions and have also provided information of events happening in space to everyone through the Internet.
 (viii) Due to this, there has been a lot of change in the field of education because due to the availability of internet in backward areas, the students there are getting good education, which is increasing employment and the country's growth is also fast.  Has been
 (ix) Its immense knowledge, information, information further enhances its use of operations.  Due to this feature, the number of users is increasing day by day.

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