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SAS - online pagar, masik patrako

SAS - online pagar, masik patrako

If we are healthy then we are also citizens of an ordinary India.  If we are unwell, then we are poor, poor, and neglected.  The growth of a country, caste, society and community is possible only when they are healthy and vibrant.  Taking up the history of the world and studying which country was prosperous, prosperous, civilized and well-informed, then it will become clear that any country excels only when its citizens are healthy.  This is also being proved by various reports of the World Health Organization.  The purpose of living really is by staying healthy.  Unhealthy people not only remain unhappy, patient and neglected, but they are a burden for the whole society and the world.  This stops everyone's progress or hinders their progress.  In fact, a healthy person or society is aware and useful.
There is also a saying in English which means health is wealth.  In fact, one who is in good health is neutral.  If someone has immense wealth, but is unwell, he cannot enjoy life.  Similarly, if someone has knowledge, but he is sick, then his life is meaningless.  In fact, health is life.

 'The first happiness is the disease body'.  This proverb is expedient.  If there is no disease in the body, then we are happy, and if we stop, we are sad.  Only then has it been said that health is the key to happiness.

 The first condition to stay healthy is fresh air and pure water.  Every moment we breathe and leave.  To breathe means that we breathe air and to exhale means that we take out dirty air from our bodies.  What is life after all?  This is the movement of breath.  Fresh air is available in the villages.  But due to dirt it becomes contaminated.  There is a lot of ghouls around the village.  There are piles of garbage everywhere.  People sit for directions and water around the village.  This causes dirt to spread and to stench.  Flies and mosquitoes are produced due to littering and dirty water filled or spread in front of the house.  Just think how can be healthy in such a condition.  If the village is kept clean then its residents will not yearn for fresh air and will be able to get better health benefits.

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 There is a problem of drinking water in the village.  Raw well water is harmful.  Many types of diseases are caused by the water of pudders and ponds.  Often puddles and ponds are raw.  What if you are sure?  The entire village washes a bath in them, making the pond water worse.  Where drinking water lurks.  There is no question of bathing and washing there anyway.  Many types of diseases are caused by not bathing properly and not washing dirty clothes.  Many people do not even take the name of washing clothes after getting them sewed.  Then how can the sandalwood-bass case be proved in a healthy body?

 This is the talk of the village.  There is neither fresh air nor pure water in the city.  Carbon-dioxide in smoke is a kind of dirty air, which we keep on releasing from our bodies.  Other cities also become dirty due to dense population.  Because despite daily cleaning, heaps of dirt remain all around.  If you wander in the streets of the city in the morning, then you will see the real hell.

 Water comes from the taps in the city, but due to not being properly cleaned, it does not remain pure.  At some places, the water of the river is cleaned and transported to the public by drains.  But the water of the rivers has become so contaminated that it is not possible to clean it properly by water-curves.  All the filth of the city is covered and falls in the rivulet.  The water that is released by using it in factories is not only contaminated, but also toxic.  Scientists say that after some time the city will mean the house of death.

 That is to say, whether it is a village or a city, both air and water have been contaminated.  It is having a bad effect on public life and the power of the person is getting reduced.  How can a country of powerless patient live happily and happily?  Could this be the paradise on earth?

 Not only that life has become hell due to contaminated air and water, there are many other reasons for this.  It is the duty of everyone to keep cleanliness.  Also emphasize on balanced diet.  Do not eat fried and open items of the market.  Do not take chopped vegetables or fruits.  Do not eat the same kind of food every day.  By doing this, the food digestible juice is reduced.  Therefore, use pulse, oatmeal, green vegetables, fruits, milk-curd, butter, buttermilk, sugar etc. in exchange.  Must eat the fruits of the season.  They are not only cheap, but also cost effective.  Playing is the best exercise for children.  The body grows by playing.  Bones are strong, hunger increases, food is digested and the mind remains happy.  Interest in work arises.  It takes mind to study  Sleep well  Fatigue and lethargy never come close.  There is always a spurt in the body.  The mind remains cheerful and always excited.  The whole world seems happy and important.  Mind also remains healthy by doing good work.  The mind is also sad due to doing bad things.
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