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Satrant PARIKSHA time-table

Satrant PARIKSHA time-table

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The technology have started in the US, but it could not have progressed without India's help.  A few months ago Google's CEO Eric Schmidt created a stir by saying that India would become the world's largest Internet market within the next five to ten years.

 He also said that in a few years, the three languages ​​which will dominate the Internet - Hindi, Mandarin and English, Shimat's statement should open the eyes of those of us who believe that the basic basis of computing is English.

 In the context of India, the use of IT will have to be molded into Hindi and other Indian languages.  it is inevitable .  The reason is very simple and that is that we have number force.  We have millions of people who are educated, intelligent and give importance to the local language.  If it is to reach these crores, then it has to be molded according to Indianness, Indian language and Indian environment.  This is called localization in technical language.

 This assumption is completely wrong.  The language of computing is the language of numerals and the computer understands only two digits - one and zero.  Any technology can succeed only when it adapts to the consumer.

 We also have a proverb - the same country as that.  In case of IT too, this thing is 100% applicable.  Large companies in the software sector are now in search of new markets, as the English market has reached near the stagnation point.  English speaking people are rich and have bought computers etc.  They no longer need new computers.

 But we Hindustani are now buying computers, and buying on a large scale.  We are now adopting internet and mobile technologies as well.  Today, we are having a revolution in the field of communication.  These figures are enough to entice any marketing executive.

 Whatever technology is associated with the common man, there is scope for an infinite increase in it.  Our economy is on the rise, so the number of people using technology has exploded like that.  No market leader can make the mistake of ignoring India.  He cannot even ignore Indian languages

Time table :: click here
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