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School inspector check list

School inspector check list

About school inspector 

Accordingto report school inspector visit will be start from next week. So all primary garant in aid and nivasi school have to ready for it.
Every school have to passed out in this process gunotsav 2.0 will be continues during hall year.

When inform to school?

S.I. will be inform to school 1 day ago before inspection. So get ready for Gunotsav 2.0 for any time in hall year.

Rating In gunotsav 2.0

There is maximum rating for educational thing in gunotsav 2.0 it's around 80% rate marking for educational things. Rest 20%=for school services like building, sanitation,and other things.

S.I. Check list

According to report school inspector check list announced. you can download full inspection check list from below link. So Download it and make sure from all things for Gunotsav 2.0. evry things will be monitored by school inspector. get ready and best of luck to all teaching staff for Gunotsav 2.0
With best wishes from eduhelps team best of luck all of you.

Download check list

Click here to download school inspector check list for Gunotsav 2.0

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