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Teacher Badli camp

Teacher Badli camp

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Teacher Badli camp will be held after Diwali vacation.
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you should first read the things which are easy or which you have read before.  This will cause your revision and you will be confident about these topics.  Then you can do independent chapters which means such chapters which do not depend on any other chapters or do not take reference.  By doing such chapters, you cover more and more sections.  While studying for EXAM it is necessary to do smartly time management.

 Understand the syllabus well:

 To start preparing for any exam, first of all you should understand the syllabus of every subject.  And an outline should be prepared.  This makes it easy to understand which of our subjects is strong and in which subject we need more attention.

 Prepare and follow the schedule:

 After understanding the syllabus, you should prepare a time table keeping every subject in mind.  While making the time table, it should be kept in mind that the time table has more time for the subjects in which you are weak.

 It should be kept in mind that the time table you have prepared should be followed strictly, otherwise the preparation will not be done correctly.

 Pay more attention to the topics you are weak in:

 For any exam preparation, it is very important that you pay more attention to the subjects in which you are weak, as well as to practice the remaining subjects daily.


 Presentation here does not mean how beautiful is your handwriting?  Presentation means the format of how you have written the answers to the questions.  While writing the answer, highlighting the important things, writing the important things in points.  Draw diagrams where it is necessary to explain them.  This item comes in the presentation.

 Do not study continuously:

 Whenever sitting to study, pay special attention to the fact that one should never study continuously.  A break of at least 10 minutes must be taken at an interval of every 1 hour.  This relaxes the brain, which results in easy understanding of things when you start studying again.

 Create Code:

 At the time of exam, there are many such things which go into meditation with just one word, you should put the code of those things in your mind so that at the time of exam, you do not need to memorize it much as soon as you remember the code.

 Make notes:

 It is very important to make notes of any subject in order to prepare it well.  One of the advantages of this is that you can practice it from time to time.  And the other advantage is that by making notes, there is also practice of writing.

 Revise every topic:

 It should be kept in mind that the entire course should be completed at least one month before the examination.  This gives ample time to revise every subject.

 Cold Drinks Avoid:

 The habit of drinking different types of cold drinks can be very deadly to us at the time of EXAM.  Drinks like tea, coffee, etc. should also be discontinued during EXAM.  This thing makes you unstable, causing things like panic attack or getting blank in EXAM.

 Writing practice:

 Just reading topics like Physics, Maths, Accounts will not help.  For such subjects, you will have to write and practice all those things.

 Stop studying a few hours before the exam:

 Education should be stopped a few hours before the exam, and efforts should be made to calm the mind.  By doing this, it is easy to solve the question paper in the examination hall.

 Easy question first:

 We all know that while writing paper in exam there are time restrictions.  Therefore, as soon as the exam paper comes in front of us, writing the answers to easy questions first and then later answering the remaining questions will save your time to a great extent.

 Pay attention to health:

 Often we do not take care of our own health during EXAM.  Keeping a few dry fruits near you while reading till late at night will help in easing the earthquake.  Keep in mind that this food should be light.  Eating spicy and fried junk will make you sleepy and difficult to read.

 Staying away from social media:

 Facebook Twitter Whatsapp It is good to stay away from this while studying.  Social media keeps distracting us every moment, that's why you should turn off your phone, TV and computer and concentrate on reading.

 Pranayama and Meditation:

 By doing pranayama and meditation you will get energy and your mind will be calm.  Memory will be improved so that you can easily get good marks in EXAM.

 Concentrate the mind:

 Concentration of mind would be very important to prepare for the exam.  For this, help of pranayama and easy can be taken which are helpful in concentrating the mind.  Music can also be used to concentrate the mind.

 All these tips will help you while studying and you will be able to give EXAM with full enthusiasm.  The main goal of EXAM is to test your knowledge and not let you down.  Many important things in your life depend on how much your attitude towards EXAM is more than how many marks you bring to EXAM.
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