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GPS Full Form:
 GPS ka full form Global Positioning System hota hai.  Or rather…

 Full Form GPS -
GPS means Global Positioning System which has become very important for today's digital age.

 GPS Full Form-
If you want to know the full form of GPS in Hindi, then we can write this Global Positioning System, so in this way you can teach every full form of GPS, whether it is in English.

 Now it is our turn to know what GPS is.

 What is GPS in Hindi?  What is GPS?

 GPS (Global Positioning System) is a system through which you can get the position information of any place of the world.

 The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite navigation system that is used to know the exact location, velocity and time to reach a particular location.

 It was built by the United States government and was originally designed to assist soldiers and military vehicles, but is now freely available to anyone with a GPS receiver and everyone can use it.

 Satellites are powered by solar energy, but to keep them running when there is no solar power, they also have backup batteries onboard, due to which it is working at all times.

 The first GPS was developed in the 1960s to help US Navy ships navigate more accurately.  The first system started with five satellites that allowed ships to verify their location once every hour.

 And now it has developed so much that Mobile, Rail, Bus, Car etc. are used in many public things.

 All of you must have been using Google Map indiscriminately and this also works on your phone's GPS.  With the help of your phone's GPS, it tells the location of your phone and you can also track your phone.

 With the help of this, now we can search the location of anywhere very easily.  Suppose you have gone to some unknown place and you have to find out what this place is, then you can do this quite easily with the help of GPS and Google Map.

 With the help of GPS, you can also track which of your family to protect them, at which place they are at the moment and for this you may need some apps.

 Basically GPS consists of the following three segments, which are described in turn below…

 Parts of GPS -

 It can be divided into three different sections which are as follows:

 Space Segment: Refers to satellites.  Around 24 satellites have been delivered in six orbital planes.

 Control Segment: This refers to stations on Earth developed to maintain and monitor satellites.

 User Segment: This refers to users who process navigation signals received from GPS satellites to calculate position and time.
How GPS Works: How GPS Works

 GPS is a group of 32 satellites located approximately 26,600 km from the Earth's surface.  Although the satellite is owned by the US, but anyone can use it provided they have a receiver for it.

 GPS Receiver tells the location based on the signals sent from these satellites.  It uses four satellites for accurate and better calculations.  It gives users information about Three- Dimensional Position Latitude, Longitude Line and Elevation.

 So in this way, GPS helps in finding the correct location of any electronic device using overlapping circles.  To understand this, you can use this image below.

Unit test paper soution std wise download
Std 3 :: click here
Std 4 :: click here
Std 5 :: click here
Std 6 :: click here
Std 7 :: click here
Std 8 :: click here
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