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Diwali pagar babat

Salary of October paid in October.

This year Diwali is on the end of October. So government decided to pay salary of October month before Diwali. This is very good decision and government employees ar happy and satisfied if this salary will pay before Diwali.

A birthday is the anniversary of a person's birth, or the symbolic form of an organization.  People's birthdays are celebrated in many cultures, often with birthday gifts, birthday cards, birthday parties or rites of passage.

 Many religions celebrate the birth of their founders or religious figures with special holidays, such as Christmas, Mavlid, Buddha's birthday and Krishna Janmashtami.

 The Greeks most likely assumed that the Egyptians had since taken up the idea of ​​celebrating birthdays, as did the Greeks celebrating their deities, just like the celebrations of Pharaoh's "gods".  The ancient Romans were the first to celebrate birthdays for the common man.  The Greeks most likely took the idea of ​​celebrating birthdays from the Egyptians, just like the Pharaoh celebrating the "gods", the Greeks celebrating their deities.  Ancient Rome was the first to celebrate a birthday for the common man

Why do we celebrate birthdays?

I do not understand why people celebrate birthdays?  So I'm glad you asked this question!  It was just the day you were born, your birthday.  You cut the cake, have a huge party, call all your friends.

Read circular here

How to install Birthday Wishing Script?  How to set birthday greetings script?

 Let's know how you will install the script.  You will find this script in a zip file which contains a lot of files, you must have a domain and hosting to install it.  If you have both these things, then you have to open your hosting session and upload this zip file inside the domain folder.  After uploading the file, you have to right click and remove this zip file, then this is your script.

 How to earn money from Wishing Script?

Do you know how to make money from a greetings script.  To earn from Wishing script, your domain must have a non-hosted adsense or application, then you can earn money from a particular website.  You want money by placing AIDS on your website, whenever a visitor clicks on the AIDS website, you will get money.  If you do not have any support you can apply for an alternative.

How To Viral Birthday PHP Script? 

 How to make your website viral so that you can earn money. After designing your website, you have to add more website in WhatsApp and Facebook and Telegram Group and share it.  Every day, at least you have to share your link 20 times and with the link, you should write some message in it and share with that link.  Share until your website goes viral
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 But even after becoming one of the most used smartphone apps, it lacks many essential features by its user’s.  So we need a mod application that can increase its functions to a pro level and make it more exciting and secure for User’s.  So we are going to tell you about gbwhatsapp mod and its download and installation guide.  You can download gbwhatsapp apk and learn more about it in this post!

 WhatsApp is a viral messaging mobile app with more than one billion user's, but it has many restricted and limited features that many of its user's are in great need of.  We can now easily unlock those locked features using the WhatsApp mod application and can do all this and everything.

 When it comes to a WhatsApp mod, the gbwhatsapp mod by team gbmods is the best mod app for Android so far.  It comes with extended and additional features that are very useful for every WhatsApp user.  Now you will be able to use many new amazing features such as themes, privacy tweaks and many more features which make it much better than the official stock WhatsApp.  You can download the latest gbwhatsapp mod for Android from the download link given below:

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