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CRC Recruitment Notifiation 2019

CRC Recruitment Notifiation 2019

 Cloudflare is available in two versions: free and paid.  Harsh sir always recommends all reader to use free Cloudflare.

 If you do not use Cloudflare or you have never heard of Cloudflare!  Then this post will be useful for you!  In this post, we will learn about Cloudflare with the help of technical skills.

 So let's start with a detailed post about Cloudflare.  And know and understand every single feature of Cloudflare.

 What is cloudflare and how does it work

 To understand Cloudflare, first you have to understand how the Internet works.

 For example, assume that the web server is hosted on I.P "9.9.9."

 When you type in your browser, your Browser will show the result "" by sending a request to the DNS (Domain Name Server), that you are able to access this website.

 When you setup Cloudflare, you get Cloudflare Name Server added to your domain.  And after that whatever traffic comes on your blog / website, all that traffic has to pass in front of Cloudflare.

 Cloudflare protects your blog / website from spam, illlegal and other things at all times by scanning all the traffic coming to your website / blog.

 I recommend you here that if you want to use CloudFlare then you should start with Cloudflare's free plan.

 You can upgrade Cloudflare's paid plan at any time.  If you need the paid plan of Cloudflare, only then do not upgrade its paid plan, otherwise use the free plan.

 Here I tell you about some of the benefits of Cloudflare, knowing that you will also start using Cloudflare.

 Benefits of using Cloudflare Network

 Cloudflare protects your website / blog from most spam attack.

 It secures your website with things like DDOS attack, SQL injection, comment spam.  It provides a secure environment for your website.

 Some users have a complaint that after using Cloudflare their readers are not able to access the website.If you are using Cloudflare then you do not need to wait for DNS propagation to occur.  Go to your Cloudflare Dashboard, and change the I.P Address of your server.

 By doing this, pointing to your Domain Name Host will start immediately.

 2. Free CDN

One advantage of Cloudflare is that it is a free CDN.  And it integrates easily.

 Meaning that it does not change your Image URL.  I have been using Cloudflare CDN for the last 1.5 years and so far I have not faced any problem related to its performance and SEO.

 When CDN is enabled, Cloudflare caches your static file (CSS, JS, Images) and Service according to its location.

 By using Cloudflare CDN you can increase your website performance by up to 50%.  Because of which your website will open faster than before.  And the loading speed of your website will increase.

Notificction :: click here

Vacancy :: click here

In this case, the user will feel an extra step that he will have to click on this link first, and then he will be able to access the PDF.  But this plugin reduces the effort of your users.

 So in this way, you can easily embed any type of file of Google docs in any page or post of wordpress blog or website.

 How to embed Google Docs on or other Platforms?

 You can embed Google docs on any other platform.  There are 4 steps for that.

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